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Selling both my original Madd 158's - perfect flex- inserts intact.

John Gilmour

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One is near perfect save for a few surface scratches- both bases are very good- nice and flat- no core shots and very minor scratches. The bases were pretty bullet proof on these- I never took these particular boards out prior to Jan 15th so they avoided rock damage.

I have not ridden my Madd' s since I last had good hardboots in 2007. I rode one day for 3 runs in Burton boots in 2011. I have gout in both feet that makes hardbooting a bit painful.

One of the decks has a repair of a minor de-lamination of the top sheet in the nose in 1995 and I reglued it and it has been good ever since. You can see a small line where it happened. It is solid though and has never needed further attention. I babied it for a few years- but after awhile I realized it was a totally solid repair.

$900 for the cosmetically good one.

$800 or Best offer on the one with the slight nose repair.

Base bevel 1 degree

Side bevel 3 degree. Ready for some real laid over charging hard carves.

ring me up 10a-10p PST boards are in Aspen.


I gotta a helluva AMEX bill to pay off.


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I dropped the price - found a bit more cash. I won't drop it any further as I wouldn't sell them for less. IF I manage to cover my AMEX some other way soon- I'll withdraw them. Its also a test to see if anyone is really interested in an original flex Madd .... I could someday dupe the flex- but the base material is the hard part....if you don't over tighten/strip the inserts ( We did leave enough brass around the collar of the insert to allow for at least 3 tappings up in size if needed. ) or do tail rides they last me pretty much forever.

With Early season ice, or years with less snow...comes rocks.... and these bases are really insanely rock resistant.

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