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Splitboard - Prior Khyber 160


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160 Prior Khyber splitboard - $350 plus shipping. Not a hardboot board, but seems like a lot of people on the forum are getting into splitting. I ride Dynafit TLT5 AT boots on splits.

Very good condition. Normal wear and tear on topsheet. Some scrapes on the base, mostly shallow, no core shots. A little rock rash on the rails, but will not effect performance. Rails just sharpened. A grind and good tune would clean the base and edges nicely, if desired. Awesome, versatile board. Tons of float, quick handling.

Comes with Voile hardware, pucks, and sliders. I have a pair of Voile skins I can send. The glue needs to be refreshed soon and they are bit narrow in the nose but should work fine.

Large, detailed pics available.

Prior says:

As our best selling splitboard for many years running, the Khyber Splitboard is back and in top shape. It has a wide nose, generous sidecut, ample taper, and hybrid rocker that together provide excellent float and maneuverability in powder conditions as well as minimizing back leg burn in powder. The Khyber makes riding tight trees and critical sections easier than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

The Khyber Splitboard is the ideal board for those stepping in to the backcountry in search of soft snow in the trees or tight terrain.

Profile: Hybrid rocker profile provides floatation and predictability in powder and silky smooth transitions from edge-to-edge with excellent edge control. 2-4 mm of traditional camber underfoot provides energy from turn-to-turn.

Rider Type: Self propelled backcountry snowboarders who want a quick-turning ride that maximizes their powder experience.

Best For: Powder of all kinds - from tight trees to chutes, pillow lines and open bowls.



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