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I bought a kessler 185 off of a friend and I am looking to buy a plate for it but i dont know what to get. I have a donek plate on it now but it is really high off the ground and i was thinking maybe a sg plate or a vist but i really dont know. If anyone is knowledgable about plates for gs let me know what you wold recommend (or what you have to sell)

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Read the last half dozen pages of that thread.


Your weight?

What you plan to use it for?

Race?, why type at what level?


I have a 5 mm Bomber Boiler Plate for sale with either 4x4 or UPM mount , your choice 450$ Shipped

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2nd this. The newer plates are far lighter and closer to the board. Have you looked at the F and AF plates? What level of racing are engaged in? Is a monoplate appropriate for your riding, or should you be riding a semi isolator like VIST, Donek F, or Kessler K.

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A little more information could help recruit better input. Your weight, race only plate or pleasure too. Is your Kessler UPM equipped or 4X4 only. Have you tried any other plates ? The Mods plate would be good if you are a heavy rider or ask him how he modified 5mm plates to soften them up.

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