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Burton's definition of Carving

Puddy Tat

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Since dropping alpine a decade ago Burton has apparently forgotten what good carving looks like.

Lots of @ss up a.k.a. doggie-style carving in here.


Yes I realize that is Terje I'm dissing. Why can't these guys learn to stack their weight over the edge.

OTOH hand least the video wasn't full of rails and park shots. I appreciate that this was a couple of guys ripping down a stream bed and having a fun ride using natural features.


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The blinders were off. It was a fun video with a couple of good riders doing some freeriding. However, it failed to live up to its title as "The Art of Carve." That'd be like if Harley made a video of their bikes rolling around Sturgis and called it "The Pinnacle of Motorcycle Technology."

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I had not noticed the arse up aspect of that slarving style until pointed out. T doesn't ride that way in powder... So soft boots force you to do that to edge?

Still, there are also HB people who carve with their arses in the air - perhaps it's something else causing that.

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