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"Checkered Pig Anyone!!!!!!!"


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Hi B, I wish! No, I do not have a single one, much to my dismay. I always wanted them in the past and never worked at a shop that sold them, so no pro-deal. I just figured it was time to show some love to the "Pig from the past!" Would love to see pics of yours. I bet your collection rocks.

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Right now they would be hard to reach, however, I will look in the archive and post some photos ok?

I have known a few guys over the years that LOVED their pigs!! I met one guy that was a rep. He sent me some letter head and such!! They had a very strong following.


Found a couple odds and ends :) The board is "Tim Wendel's" pro board




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I loved my Checker Pig G6 and G5. I got just about everyone I could on Checker Pigs 1990 - 1993. Lore was that the sidecut profile came from a helicopter blade. Andy Hirisantanopoulos (spelling) was the rep. He also sold vaccum cleaners...Lol...

In 1983 I was first Sims and Winterstick Rep on the East coast (though I did not own a car for the first 4 years as a rep) I sold Sims boards to Brian and DJ Hipona-in 1988 and gave them a smoking deal on a few SIMS boards. (tossed in Sweat shirts t-shirsts and videos- just because I liked those guys) .thinking... oh well... maybe the karma would come back. Probably never see them again.

Well years later and now in serious college debt- I had about $175 in my pocket and was looking at a $550 Checker Pig G6 at Madd Mikes Bitchin' Boards on Thayer St. in Boston. I had demoed it and loved it- along with those bomb proof checker pig plate bindings with built in cants. (they were $225 more...ouch- This was when Snow Pros and Emery bindings might break on me in 2 days of riding- those replacement bails were like gold)... So sad I did not have $550 .. I started to walk out dejected... like that I would have to go back to riding my SIMS X2000

- and I heard Brians voice... Brian sold me his Checker Pig G6 store demo for $150...knowing full well he would have to make it up to the Checker Pig Rep. It was pretty trashed base wise but I completely restored ti to look like new. That board took a beating and a half. I ride it for 3 years- and remounted it for a third time (it had titanal plates- made for smooth grip) and gave it to my GF- and she loaned it to countless people to learn how to ride. Jack and Bethany Stephans learned on Checker Pigs (I think Jack ran Wilderness house for years then it became Bob Smiths Wilderness house he was the buyer there) .

Sean Collins - who owned The Other Side Cosmic cafe at the end of Newbury St in Boston (and helped run Axis as a promoter) got into them- I later taught all the club promoters to ride Checker pigs. Pierre also a promoter rode them. We were the band of Pigs. I was lucky i hooked them on Pigs because I had no car- mine was in the shop and I had to get to the Wa every day- since they woke up late I could convince them to go night riding and somehow find someone to give me a ride to the Mt each day just in time for evening line up (I was teaching there) ...whatta panic. I didn't have a car from October 4th- March 5th and I got to work every day on time...one miracle at a time.

How much did I love those boards???... Well they allowed me at the time to progress my riding.. (MY GF at the time loved them too and named her Dog Checker Pig- a black pekinese) and though they had a tiny centered flex pattern that needed a small stance (I think I rode 16" stance- and pretty high angles 63, 55) the flex was noodle like compared to a Madd. I taught at Wachusett in 1993 and rode the entire long season (kicked off in october with a 34" snowstorm followed a few days later by another 14'. .... so much snow...the "WA".... it closed like 4 weeks later than normal- I rode that board through the weirdest New england conditions I ever rode....every day. Sometimes from 8am to 10pm.

The boards were thin in side profile- so it you got a crust of ice on top of packed powder they could make the craziest slicing sounds when you carved.... wild.

a Wachusetts liftie nicknamed "Hollywood" rode one- we would tear it up.... fun times. Alisha Natvig had one too- I coached ...fearless ...- one day she collided with a 200lb guy sitting down (hidden from view) behind a mogul and broke his shoulder...with her face... tough chick was going to kick his ass- took 2 ski patrollers to drag her off of him..She became a Checker Pig rider in Exile and could only ride in a disguise after that...not easy since the board was too identifiable . Travis Atkins had a about 3 checker pigs we got as a deal off the rep- like $120 per freestyle deck- we taught this MIT Fraternity to ride them... One time we stuffed 7 people into a Honda with double tier roof racks with about 8 checker pigs on them- and another 4 boards strapped to the windows with board hikers.---it was like a giant airbrake. We could only do 50mph up hill floored.

Pig trick: If you felt you were going to catch and edge- all you had to do was huck your weight towards the nose and you were free.

March of 1993 I rode my G6 at Mt. Bachelor in March in Epic snow- I rode with Pat Mulundowsky (spelling) - who worked there in rentals - he rode a gorgeous Black gloss Checker Pig G5 (a better deck actually than the G6 ) and he was the first person I saw ride low- and inspired me to get even lower and more angulated.

Because I could sooo easily fold the nose on a G6... I decided to really beef up the nose flex on the Madd 158 - and make it a bit more pointy so I could not stuff the nose in slush.

Someday I'd love to have one as a wall hanger.. I kept that purple leash for years...great leash with a built in lock..smart.

The checker pig reinforced the notion that all boards that rode great had weird graphics. Later they came out with some black gloss models- but totally ruined the flex pattern.

a pink cartoon pig wearing a checkered aviator scarf- sorta funny Burton riders would make fun of the graphic and board- then you'd dust 'em on the pigs. Those euros are so damn funny.

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