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WTT- 185 REV for shorter REV


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I love my REV*, it's a great board! :biggthump

My hill is too small and too crowded. :( I can never let it run and boy does it like to run!

My typical NASTAR course is set with ski gates and the gate offset is more SL than GS as far as snowboards are concerned.

I'd like to trade for a shorter REV. The stock REV 180 or the stock REV 163 or a custom REV shorter than 185 with a waist width of 20 or greater (no sub 20 wide boards, thanks!).

It's in great shape.

Let me know what you have, thanks!!!

*185 REV (Standard REV specs.) Prototypestock / Experimental Fiberglass Construction / not quite as damp as metal / REV Base (14-20 SCR)

Sean said,"The boards in prime condition. It was just ridden during testing a few times. We are experimenting with mimicking the behavior of metal laminates with fiber laminates. The glass version wasn't as damp. The carbon was as damp, but the reduction in weight resulted in a feel the racers didn't like. I think you'll find the fiberglass construction is more durable than the metal. That is our motivation for trying it. It does have the same amount of rubber that a metal board has."

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