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Slovenian Plate Systems


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I have two unique plate systems for sale. They are both one-off/prototypes manufactured by an engineer in Slovenia.

Vic Wild was previously riding these type of plates whilst he was racing for the US. One of these plates was actually ridden by him for quite a while (the green fibreglass plate). Zan Kosir was also riding these for a little while I believe.

The design of the plates is somewhat different in that the front and rear 'bumpers' on the plates bend/deflect when the board is on edge making a turn - and the plate also slides forward over the section connected to the board beneath the front foot, the front bumper is also attached to this section.

As noted above, one of the plates is fiberglass with a wood core. The overall length of this plate is approx. 880mm. The inserts are set at 50cm.

The other plate is carbon fiber. It doesn't actually have a core, it is just carbon fiber layers. The overall length of this plate is approx. 860mm. There are two sets of inserts on this plate - one at 50cm and one at 46cm. This plate also has some additional 'bumpers' (for lack of a better word) underneath it, between the feet. I made these out of cork - you'll see them in the pictures - the cork is wrapped in pink duct tape and they're held in place with some glue and also the white duct tape wrapped around the plate.

The plate can be ridden without the bumpers, but as its significantly softer (both laterally and torsionally) it rides much better with them.

Both plates ride very stable with an initial feeling similar to that of a vist plate. The sliding element helps the board to accelerate in the turn, more so than a vist - largely because the sliding element is 'bigger'/the plate slides more allowing the board to arc better.

The plates mount on 4x4 inserts and the carbon fiber plate will also mount on UPM inserts I believe. Both plates are a lot of fun - both in the course and free riding.

I've done my best to explain it clearly - but hopefully these pictures will help. If you're interested in them please email me - richardjameswilkes@gmail.com




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These plates were not made by the same person that makes the allflex plates. Nor are they a predecessor to the allflex plate. The allflex is a very different design, using very different materials, achieving a very different feel. They're very different.

Plates are now sold.

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