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Volkl RT SL 153 minty $175 + shipping


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I bought this with the idea that my daughter might ride it. I now think a softer-flexing board would be better, and have yet to get her on an alpine setup. This is a shorter slalom board, known for its liveliness, and seems to be pretty stiff to me (but I'm not very good at judging without actually riding, and even then...). The specs just say rider weight < 190 lbs. 8 m scr, 18.7 cm waist. Near perfect shape, edges and base pristine, lots of camber. This is the Renn Tiger with the griptape topsheet (after they stiffened up the nose). I'm not sure of the year, but I'd guess around 2005ish. I don't think these changed much after they went to the black or grey topsheets. A few scuffs on the griptape is about all the evidence of use I can see. $175 + shipping.



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any one had experience riding on this board ?

I have a 158 in my quiver. Super lively board and that can crank out some obscenely tight turns. You have to be on top of it at all times. If you get lazy or get back, you'll find yourself on your head instantly. The board is a blast to ride, but only if you're not hungover. FYI, I'm 150 lbs.

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