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Head Stratos Pro - Mondo 28


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I have a pair of lightly used (2 seasons worth) Head Stratos Pro boots for sale. Boots are in excellent condition, extra set of standard heels, both sets of tongues (black = stiff and orange = less-stiff), and new, never used, never molded stock insoles included. Includes adjustable lean mechanism with "walk" mode, and straps on both the liner and shell to crank down.

The boots are too big for me and I need to get rid of them so that I can afford boots that actually fit.

$200 o.b.o.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.



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The sticker on the side of the boot says:

MONDO: 28.0

EURO: 43

USA: 10

UK: 9

and the shell has 285 on the footbed (when you take the liner out).

I wear a 9 or 9-1/2, and just got really bad advice when I bought the boots. I had looked online for hardboot sizing, and I knew about the 1-2 fingers between your heel and the shell concept, but the guy I bought them from (who runs a small bike and ski shop, and was a "long time hardbooter", so it wasn't just some dude on craigslist) said that that method was for racers, and I would just end up with black and blue feet, etc. etc. garbage. Turns out he's full of crap and the boots are actually too big, but he wouldn't accept a return after 30 days, so my loss is your gain.

I also took some pictures of the liners. The blue stuff is extra foam the guys at Surefoot stuck on for me because I was getting terrible shin bang because the boots are too big, but it peels right off. The liners have never been molded.




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