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Tanker 172RR 11/12. $425


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Also forgot to mention the $425 includes shipping within the USA

Here's some reviews on the review board.

Have a 2011/12 Tanker 172 RR (reverse rocker) to sell. I loved the board but I think I need something smaller to fit me (5'6" 18.5" stance). With my stance width I'm kind of stuck in the middle of the board and would like to be able to set back in certain circumstances.

It has about five days on it the normal binding mounting scuffs (ran it with F2 titanflex bindings). There's a small (1/4" dia.?) dent in the ptex otherwise it's perfect. Got it new from RJ at exotic boards.

If you need more photos or details just ask...



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Rare occurance. I'll be at meadows today and am intetrsted in the board if we can meet up there this afternoon...

Welcome to BOMBER!!

FYI. If you check the "Ride Board" , I think he and Dan where talking about going to MHM on Sunday perhaps?

I hope you are already there at MHM, it is going to be very busy and the lifts are open at 9.

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