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Just saw this thread now. Hiiya ! Was nice riding with you and carvercutie for a brief few runs, lessons lessons lessons.... always in the way of fun, but thats what working on a mountian is .... work! haah.

ECES was great on thursday! Hope to ride again soon with youin the spring melty carveaslushusness !

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I rode with Dave J today at Jiminy Peak. WOW! I will definitely ride there again. Although it was a 2 1/2 hour ride it was well worth it. Conditions for this time of the year were great. Eventually it got a little icy in the middle of each slope but the sides were just great. We put down some pretty deep trenches that stayed all day long. Barely any crowd. We really didnt have to look back up slope before turning. Usually we were the only ones on a trail and generally speaking most people were curtious enough not to cut through our lines. Over all it was a great place to ride with wide moderately steep slopes. I will ride there again.


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Dave and I rode at Jiminy this past Friday 2/16/16. I can't say conditions were good because they weren't but we had a great day riding anyway. We talked to a woman who claims they were the worst conditions she had ever seen their. I guess after two days of rain and dropping temps good conditions are hard to come by, however I had my 172 Tanker out and it did the job. This board is one of the nicest boards I have ever ridden on soft boots. Definitely left some nice lines on the slopes. Well I hope to make it back up their again this year.

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