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ECES Clinics II (Beckmann AG)

Beckmann AG

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Clinic offerings clarified.

Weds. 1030 and 1:00. Video and review. Film the group on flat and steeper pitch, review @ the demo tent. What do you look like in motion, and what does it mean. Probably best with 10 or less per group.

Off snow, (probably Wednesday). Brief discussion of feet and foot support, boot shell geometry,biomechanics et al, and what this can or cannot do for your riding/state of being. Either over lunch, or before everyone gets too liquored up around 4:15.

(I'll have to figure this out and post on the white board).

Thurs 10:30 ‘One run and done’. Quick diagnostic on one run with 1 or 2 people per. (A private lesson for free).

Runs concurrently until noon or whenever.

I'll have a radio on Ch 17.7, with corresponding unit stationed at the demo tent to coordinate departure and return times.

("Hey, I'm at the demo tent, and getting antsy."

"I'll be along in 5. Hold yer husses.")

Thurs 1:00 Two topics combined

‘Baselining’ tasks and the standard progression of skill development. Where are you on the curve, and what’s next.

Run through of cause and effect with regard to the variables involved in boot/ binding/ board configuration.

You supply the quandry, I’ll supply the educated guess as to what is going on.

(Wear yourself out in the morning, as this topic works better when you are tired).

Friday 10:30. Random topic, and/or option for anyone that missed a previous session. (High perf alpine skiing on free heel gear)?

For those interested in any of these clinics:

I generally assume that people take instruction when they suspect something is not as it should be, or when they want clarification/affirmation that what they are doing is appropriate.

With that in mind:

Think about your riding, and be able to clearly articulate the following:

1. What do you like about your riding.

2. What would you like to change, or what concerns do you have.

Also, if you have spare parts for your bindings, such as additional cant/lift rings, wedges, shims, SW bumpers, etc., bring them along in your gear bag so you can make use of them if appropriate.

Between Ian and myself, we should have something for everyone.

I've arranged with Bletchley for the loan of a Kriegsmarine four-rotor Enigma machine in the unlikely event my choice of words causes difficulty.

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I've arranged with Bletchley for the loan of a Kriegsmarine four-rotor Enigma machine in the unlikely event my choice of words causes difficulty.

That settles it. As long as it's understood I'm a slow learner I'm in for Friday! If I'm away from a task for more than fifteen minutes I have to be retrained.

Also - five knee surgeries have produced some issues. Right knee inclines inward 5.5 degrees. Not sure how to modify my setup to compensate for it or if that's even necessary.


Looking forward to the clinic!!

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Pat, bring your skis to the session, just in case...

Will do.

A-framing resulting from the knee issue really shows up in unmodified boots (photo of left). The issue goes away with planed boots (right photo). Those blue boots (Lange WC 120) are now retired and I'm in new unmodified Lange RS 130 boots. I haven't done any tinkering with them as I'm having a pretty good year. For that matter, my year on the board is going well too but I know I can get better.



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There might be a problem with the REAL Dr. B coming to the ECES. All I know is I saw a guy today trying to look like the Doctah but it just couldn't have been him. It had to be an impostah. The real Dr. Decodah might be missing!

Weren't you suppossed to be his ride? Their all going to blame you if you brought the wrong person!

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