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Donek 162 SL, Coiler metal 164 SL, Coiler metal RCII 180


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Donek is the Adam Smith model. It says 20 cm waist but feels like 19 cm to me. 9 m scr. Very beefy board, built Sept 2005, glass, very confident ride. Good amount of edge left, base is in good shape (some shallow scratches, structure still evident, a few base edge nicks). I've had this a few years but have only ridden it a handful of times. It scared me the first time I rode it. I had boots that were a very sloppy fit and rode it on a crowded day (the reason I got it). I found that the bumpy snow pushed the board around and I couldn't react quickly enough due to the boots' sloppy fit. That put me off "turny" boards for a while, until last season. I took this out with better-fitted gear and was really impressed. Amazing ice hold and very fast to react. I just felt like I needed lower angles (I am currently in M29 boots). I'm OK with 63 degrees on bigger boards, but it felt constrained on this. It may just be the liveliness I'm noticing. $200 + shipping.post-8138-141842408932_thumb.jpg

Coiler SL is 20.5 cm waist, metal, made in 2010, and a bigger (variable) scr, I think it's the XTight, so maybe 10.5 m ish. Made for around 200 lbs, I believe. It makes pretty big turns if you ride casually, and tightens up amazingly if you get a little forward and higher on edge. I used this for my "all-mountain" board for part of last season and a few times early this season -- crowds, bumpy snow, etc. It works remarkably well in almost all conditions, fantastic ice grip, great ability to deal with crud, especially for a short board (all Coilers I've ridden share this trait). Lots of edge left, base in nice shape, shallow scratches only. Some topsheet chips, probably incurred in the liftline. Topsheet is scuffed from previous owner's Vist plate. Just cosmetic. The width was perfect for me. This replaced the Donek SL for me. Would be good for someone who wants to get into slalom, or who wants one board for everything and feels the need for very tight turns. $375 + shipping. SOLD

I have decided that my idea of dodging straightliners by using a small scr board is not a good one for me. These boards will make an L-shaped turn -- doing that to dodge one straightliner will just put you right in the path of another, instantly. So I'm now going with the idea that I'll just be skidding and slarving so as not to surprise anyone -- asking that others be aware of their responsibility (or even surroundings) is asking too much, I guess.

Coiler RCII is 19 cm waist, about 13 m scr (radial, I think). This is from 2007 and was a give-away at the 2007 ECES. One of the earliest metal Coilers. Some early-rise in nose and tail. I got it several years ago and it's the board I got dialed in on. Very forgiving board. I used to think it was possibly too soft for me at around 200 lbs but rode it yesterday (in very firm conditions) and it worked great. It's the best board I've ridden in crud (better than any soft-boot board I've had). This would work great for someone new wanting to ride a bigger scr board, especially 150 - 180 lbs, and not wanting to have a huge quiver. This works pretty much everywhere. I am looking to get a shorter, wider version of this for crowded/bad conditions. Lots of edge left. I had a light base grind done on it last season, not so much because of base damage or wear, but because the base edges were ragged. A nose ding, probably from shipping, has not caused any problems. Very simple blue classic Coiler graphics -- nevertheless, it's the board that gets the most comments in the lift line. $275 + shipping.



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Coiler SL 164 sold
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Some of those photos are pretty poor -- sorry. I also forgot to mention a topsheet chip on the tail of the Donek -- you can sort of see it in the blurry photo. Coiler RCII photos (bindings not included and not for sale!)



Some gunk on the topsheet from the stomp pad I removed for the base grind... should get some goo-gone on it I guess...

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Donek SL arrived Thursday afternoon as scheduled; rode it today on our usual Minnesota firm groom. It takes the place of a Generics 159 SL and your 'quick to react'  description was spot on - that combined with the added 'pop' of a beefy fiberglass board made for a very enjoyable day! Looking forward to many more in the future.


BTW - if any one needs a lesson in packaging a board for shipping, buy a board from Reid.


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