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TD3 SI uppers, longer standard toe bails


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Seems to be demand for these. I have a set in excellent shape -- I converted to standards a few years ago and it's unlikely I'll go back. $100 shipped in 48 -- happy to figure out shipping elsewhere. SOLD

I also have some TD2/3 standard toe bails that don't work with my UPZ boots. I need the shorter ones. It may be as simple as silver toe lever = long and red toe lever = short, but I don't know that for a fact. In any case if you need the longer ones and have the shorter I'll trade. I can get exact measurements. Standard toe bails still available for sale or trade.

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SI uppers sold
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I just checked fit with UPZ. The toe bails on the step-in are not a perfect fit. They bind right near the lugs. This may not be a problem, since there's no issue of reducing the clamping force provided by a cam -- the toe bail is there to stay. The fit doesn't prevent the toe bail from holding the toe. But shorter would be better (kinder to the boots, at least). I may have some spare bails from TD2s -- I'll see if there's any difference.

The "SI uppers" I posted are just what Bomber sells as "TD2/3 Retro Kit": toe block/bail assembly + heel receiver + lock bracket. What I'm selling is a pair of these kits.

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Weird. I wasn't aware that there were different versions of the step-in bails. I'm testing on a pair of M28. Maybe that's it?

Photo of SI uppers for sale:


The toe bail measures 50 mm from center of lug shaft screw to where the bend starts (fully threaded into lug).

Photo of standard toe bails for sale (or trade for short ones):


These measure about 52 mm from center of lug shaft to where the bend starts, or 50 mm from bend to end of threads. The ones I need measure more like 43 mm from center of lug shaft to bend and have a more extreme bend.

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