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Taking up volume in a shell

Bobby Buggs

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I cant say enough good things about my UPZ purchase. I know I sound like broken record but its been over 10 years since I had a set of boot that I could buckle in the lodge and forget about for the day.

Like many others I have feet that are different from each other and my left is smaller. The day after I did my thermos I tried them on the snow and had to buckle the left boot to the max for it to fit, right boot is on 2 or 3 with more buckle to spare. What I have done in the mean time, thanks to Sir Dingbat, I have a 29.5 thermo liner in a 27 shell and its working for now but I was wondering what people do to take up some volume in this type of situation.

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Do you use footbeds? If not, consider using them even if you have 'normal' feet. There are thermo liners with different thicknesses (volume), I think Intuition gives you a bit more choice than other manufacturers. Most bootfitters also place a liner underneath your actual liners, mine supposedly have some thermal properties or something but its there to add 2-3mm of height.

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Johnny, I tried the Flo's in the house but have a real mess on my right foot with nerve damage atrophy and a big lump on my ankle from a motorcycle incident back in the 80s. The flo's hurt due to those issues so they never made it out on the snow.

Thanks to Pat Donelly from here I just ordered some of these to try. Cheep enough http://www.tognar.com/bontex-insole-shims-pair/

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I hear you. You could sell the alternate boots one by one as needed to other folks in same situation. I think that's the best solution.

I had some heel-raising issues with my latest softboots that affected me mid-trip. I went to the snowboard store and they got out their 'fit-kit' which was pre-trimmed pieces of foam or some flexible material, and put two under my heels. Solved all of my problems. Thin-mini-cell foam (like you would find in a kayak store for outfitting), or you can find it online was what it looked like.

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