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Olympic snowboarding Tv

Cuban Carving Gooding

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Not sure if NBC will actually broadcast it, but if you look here: <a href="http://www.nbcolympics.com/sport/snowboarding">http://www.nbcolympics.com/sport/snowboarding</a> and scroll down to Feb. 19-22, they give the PGS/PSL schedules. It looks like things will be shown live (i.e., at an ungodly hour), so set your DVR, or watch the CBC streams.

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howdy cuban

here's a link to the schedule. has date and time. need to drink coffee.

how's tahoe snow? you need to get a softboot set-up and ride the pow!

today rode the softies and had a blast in 4 inches of creamy pow, good fun!

west carven

Hi West snow is great. Great carving before and after the new snow. I dont mind taking a break after a couple hours in the powder .Great day with Tahoetrencher and Marv.Tomorrow will be nice. Good turns West.

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Thanks Dan.

Hope you are well it's been awhile.

Yep, doing well except for our crazy weather (the whole season has been running hot then cold: last week we had a foot of blower powder followed by freezing rain).

It has been quite awhile; you and the WTF crew should come to Schweitzer for NICE sometime!

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