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Touching the snow

John E

When I carve I touch the snow (choose several as appropriate):  

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  1. 1. When I carve I touch the snow (choose several as appropriate):

    • On every turn
    • Never
    • Occasionally
    • I used to but am trying to quit
    • I've been hurt from touching the snow

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I'm probably obsessed by this but after watching some of the SES videos, I see that a lot of very good riders touch the snow on a regular basis. When I have asked this question in the past, other riders I know have said "don't touch the snow because ..."

1) It is a bad habit

2) You'll wear out your gloves / jacket

3) You'll jamb your wrist / shoulder

So, I've decided to post a poll.

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I chose "on every turn" because there wasn't an option for "very frequently." I think touching the snow is fun, even if I have to reach a little bit for it. If I'm reaching and losing edges, then I'll stop and just handle the conditions, but if it's hero...I loves me some snow touching. Yes I've been hurt by it, yes my gloves/pants/jacket are all messed up by it. Also it can be fun to try to get super low and NOT touch the snow. Everyone knows...fun rules.

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On flat groom, I'll almost always touch the snow on both turns. It offers a tiny bit of feedback and a minor outrigger if/when I lose the edge. Actually, I put my hands in a position that allows the snow to come up to touch them. ;) Reaching = bad.

In soft snow, it's a great way to jam a finger, elbow, or shoulder. The soft conditions during SES reminded me to try not to touch the snow! Not to mention the 4" deep ruts those crazy guys on them goshdarn skiboards were leaving everywhere!

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When I'm racing or practicing racing, I avoid touching, or anything else that bleeds speed. When freecarving on smooth firm snow on any kind of pitch, I touch often, sometimes two-handed if I'm in the mood. I definitely use my hands as a proprioception enhancer at times... soft and bumpy snow, like Corey I try to avoid it for the same reasons.

When softie-carving I sometimes wind up touching snow on toesides and the board on heelsides.

For me snow-touhcing is more of a "let it happen" thing... I do consciously avoid reaching, except when I get in trouble...

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I'm not touching the snow.... it's the snow who touching me!!!!

A old wise man said "Don't go for the snow... let the snow come to you!!"

So I'm trying to stay away from the snow... but when it's very steep..... have no choise, it's my foreharm (instead only my hand) or my face!!!

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