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How to remove AF Top strap from Deeluxe Indy?


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I was reading about that:


The old store page is gone from bomber but there is archive copy:


Problem remain: I still need to remove the old strap :-)

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The top plastic ladder/strap are chewed up on my Deeluxe Indy.

This part: http://bomberonline.3dcartstores.com/AF-Top-Strap_p_107.html

It looked like it should just snapped into place. However I can't figure out how to remove them?

Is there any trick to it? or brute force is the way to go?



Reverse push on the ladder through the slot it is in on the shell. When you get to the square part of the ladder that appears as though it will not fit through the slot, grab hold of the cuff and bend it so it arcs at the slot. The slot should then gape wider and allow the strap to easily slide out. Done with the liner removed from the shell and no heat or screw driver. If you need more access, use an allen wrench or the boot allen to loosen the piece with the slots.

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You need to use some strength and as before said, widen it by bending. No need to use tools, you will damage your boot. I have already replaced my topstraps a few times because of breakage. Mostly my topstraps broke because I used too much force to open up my boottongue and didn't bent it away from the straps.

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