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I don't like to carve...


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Checked out boards at a shop in Aspen today. Great to see all the new shapes. Asked the flatcap guy who worked there if he had tried a specific board. He hadn't. Talked a while about rockered boards. I said I actually preferred traditional cambered boards for freeriding. Like how it locks in to a carve. He: "I don't like to carve..".

Ok, how do you turn your board? I replied. Silence.

Then he told me that living in Aspen he had more than one board.

So that's why he didn't need to know how carve?

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I suspect if he saw some of the GS 185s and decambered noses + plates that guys on this board are running, he would have no idea whether they were called 'snowboards'.

It's pretty sad to see that now basically 20 different graphics on what look like much the same freestyle shapes is where snowboarding is at now, compared to the diversity in the early 90s when a trip to a snowboard shop was like a full on adventure.

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