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Anybody want any of this stuff?


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Misc. parts and pieces. All priced as below not including shipping. Payment by Paypal to "confirmed" US addresses only. Shipping by your requested choice of USPS (only) methods.

-One Set Gray (hard) Burton Race Plate Bumpers: $10.00

-One Single Red (hard) Old Style Burton Race Plate Bumper Set: $10.00

-One Set White (soft) Burton Performance Plate bumpers: $10.00

-Dakine Butterfly Stomp Pad: $5.00

-Two Burton Hardboot Lateral Stiffener Shims: $3.00

-One Burton Cant Plate 3-Hole Center Piece with Mount Screws: $10.00

-Two Aluminum Regular 3-Hole Burton Binding Discs: $15.00

-Plastic Cant Plate 3-Hole Burton Binding Discs: $5.00 each

-Salomon Binding Leash: $2.00

-Set of Six M6 Phillips 12mm Binding Mounting Screws and Cup Washers: $2.00

-Set of Six M6 Flathead 16mm Binding Mounting Screws and Cup Washers: $1.00



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Bry if you do the deal, I'll trade you 2 NEW regular blue burton dampers for the supposedly harder grey ones.

Hey dano - the gray dampers are not just supposedly harder than the blue ones, they are definitely harder. I used to have problems with the toe/heel piece screws on Burton Plates digging into my topsheets because the blue dampers were so soft and compressed down when the binders were tightened down. I have not had that problem at all with the gray ones. They are used, but still have some life left. I have sent Bryan on offer, if he gets 'em and wants to strike a deal then great, if he passes they are yours for $10 + s/h, because I don't need any blue ones in trade. There is not enough of a difference with the blue or gray to notice any appreciable change in ride quality or feel.

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