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Garmont thermo liners 27.5mp

Joe D

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Hi guys!

For sale: Garmont G-Fit High boot liners 27.5 mp size 9 ½ - 10

$75 plus shipping in CONUS SOLD

These are fully heat moldable liners. These are super light, warm and comfortable and easy to get into. The tongue design has slightly more flex than the older Deeluxe Thermoflex liners I compared. I bought these new and they have never been molded - they were that comfortable straight out of the box. There is a little adhesive residue on each tongue. Orig MRSP was $279.99 !

A great replacement for Burton / Raichle / Deeluxe / UPZ hard boots.

Info from Garmont: The Garmont G-Fit High liners are the highest-performance thermo-formable inner boot liners on the market. Employing a performance tongue design, they use three different densities of foam for three different functions to enhance both comfort and performance.

G-fit thermo-moldable liner are the perfect replacement for the liners in most downhill / A.T. boots,*older 3 and 4 buckle boots (with power-strap on the shell), and most current and older Scarpa T-1, T-2,*T-Race Tele boots and A.T. boots (with power-strap on the shell). The G-Fit triple density EVA foam*provides an unequalled combination of warmth, support, and comfort right out of the box, without being*heat-molded, and an even more precise, custom fit is gained via the thermo molding.


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very interested but I'm curious about flex - I'm looking for something more flexible than stock for my UPZ RC-10's. If these are more flexy then I'm all over them...will try to do some research and I'll PM you.

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