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wtb (or trade?) - All mtn board(target) Prior 4WD and F2 Race Ti's


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Hey all: I'm looking for an All mountain ride that i can take anywhere, not be overly concerned about getting dings (like on my new Nirvana), ride in crud. I'm targeting a reasonably priced, used naturally, 4WD preferrred length of 169 i guess, maybe 174.

Saving on shipping would be great. I live in the Greater Toronto Area. I'm in Lake Placid from Feb the 12th to the 18th - so somehow meeting or getting shipment to where i'll be in that itme would work out well, if even to save cross border shipping costs. I'll also be in Whister from Feb 25th to Mar 2nd (via Vancouver).

If there are any reasonably priced F2 Race Ti's (non-step-in) i'd be happy to get another pair of those also.



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hey Bryan:

I think my email settings are turned on if you want to discuss offline should you (by some far out chance) have gear.

But these are good questions. I have mailbox set up in Buffalo, but i'd rather not drive there to pick up just a used snowboard. Next week i'll be in lake placid zip 12946. I have a specific address there that i'll give by personal email, if you need to know. Can only really receive mail there up to the 14th, since no delivery on Sat, Sun and I'm leaving on President's day ('Family day' here in Ontario)

I wear Mondo 25.5.

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