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Palmer Channel Titanium 164 BX


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***SOLD*** Palmer Channel Titanium 164 used but in good shape. Nose 29.2/ Waist 24.5/ Tail 28.5/ SCR- Multiple radius side cut. I'd say about 9m average? I got this used and only rode this for a day or two and enjoyed it. I'd keep it, but between money, snow, and boards I only have too much of the latter. It is nicely damp and worked good for quick turns and chop. It didn't lay down big arcs very well for me but - 1. I'm not that great a carver 2. my size 11 softies with no risers didn't help.

Topsheet has some scratches and dings. Titanium has two chips on the nose and one on the tail. I covered them in glue to keep them from snagging on anything. A few sidewall (it's cap construction) dings, one on the tail has mushroomed the topsheet a little but looks solid(i glued it too). Base has two 1/8" wide scrapes and some scratches but is in nice shape and appears to have the original structure. When laid flat it only has 3/16" of camber. I'm not sure what these would had new. Anyone? Edges have a few burrs but are in good shape overall.

Asking $100 + shipping or in trade towards a 168+ tapered splitboard

I also have a Fish for sale - http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulletin/showthread.php?41498-2003-Burton-Fish-156-HD




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price lower
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