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Deeluxe Indys - M26


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Orange Deeluxe Indys with Thermoflex Liners. Mondo 26. Boot sole length (as seen in photo) is 289mm.

Comes with RAB mechanism that I received not mounted on the boot. I used BTS so I'm not sure how these fit together and on the boot. Please check the photo of the RAB parts. I assume all is there, but have never put it together. Pins to mount the RAB/BTS are on the boot.

These have been widened in the area behind the 1st buckle for wide feet. If you've got wide feet and don't usually fit Deeluxes/Raichles, these will fit nicely.

$200 plus shipping. ****SOLD ****






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what size shoe do you wear? I'm guessing its a 9eee

If its near there I want these

I do wear a 9 street shoe, and depending on the shoe (if width really makes a difference in comfort), I do need to wear either a 2E or 4E. Cycling shoes, I need a 4E. Running shoes, I wear both 2E and 4E, depending on the brand.

But yes, I have wide feet, and if you do, these will comfortably fit your wide feet.

If you'd like to buy them, please PM me your zip code and I'll get you a shipping quote on Monday.



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Are these still available? How old? Are the liners moldable? Will they take Intec heels? Thanks.

Yes, liners are fully moldable. They will accept Intec/Fintec heels.

At present, they're pending sale with Neanderthol. Payment is via check and should be on route.

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