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What does "don't break at the waist" mean?


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So, I had a minor breakthrough last week. I'd been following advice from some threads here, and looking at pics/videos trying to help me figure out how to get lower to the snow. I worked on moving my outside hand toward the nose of the board like several of you had advised. Made a BIG difference. On toesides I was able to get much lower, to the point where occasionally I had both hands gliding over the snow. While I still have some work to do, the feeling that it was "clicking" was amazing. I looked at my lines from the lift, and I couldn't believe how tight my turns were. When I got back I went to the Carver's Almanac and re-read the section on EC technique. It all made more sense to me...the angulation, rotation, getting the board higher up on edge sooner...awesome.

However, I of course need more practice. Absent going to ECES (I'm still hoping, but work has me at an offsite most of that week), I'm going to have to continue to rely on written advice and pics/vids. The thing that has me confused at the moment is the Carver's Alamanac's advice not to "break at the waist". I thought that meant "don't bend down as if you're petting a dog", but when I watch videos of good carvers, I do see them bending forward just as they initiate a turn (and then straightening out as they rotate). See for example Ben at 9:30 on his instructional video (something I watch frequently for tips)...he bends down/forward just as he starts the turn, then straightens out. Any advice from you experts out there on what "breaking at the waist" means would be a real help.

Ben's Video here:

Gotta say, once that rotational thing clicked, the feeling was incredible...almost as good as the first time I figured out how to link turns when I was learning to board:D.


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He doesn't bend only at the waist at that point, his knees are flexing too so that he is compressing overall. Other than that I can't say much as he is doing EC turns there which I don't do. But generally when we say "break at the waist" we mean bending primarily at the waist in such a way as to move your CG too far out. Typically this means reaching for the snow on toeside in a misguided attempt to get lower.

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As Bobby Bug said. The bending at waist often happens when riding at steeps. Instead, rider needs to bend down rear knee to lower the center of mass. Take few video of riding at steep run and see how you turn.

In my case, I learned it hard way (folded nose and planted my head number of times), especially on fall line favored decks.

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