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I am a big believer in riding with my knees together. I try to keep both of them locked with my right knee pressed into the back of my left. I started to get away from this idea the beginning of the year by seperating my stance width. by doing this i felt as though my transition from my heel side to my topside was lacking. For some reason i wasn't getting my knees and center of mass back over the board coming out of a heel side turn into a toeside. To remedy this problem I simply moved my front binding back about 1 1/2 inches. This caused my knees to be able to drive to the snow as one and i was able to place my c.o.g. Over the board edge more than i had before shifting the binding.

I don't know why I felt as though i had a need to separate my knees so much but i feel so much more comfortable riding with them jammed together. I know some guys like to seperate their knees especially on toeside turns. I personally have never gotten used to that idea.

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Your stance is dictated by your skeleton and how everything works together. You should be comfortable standing without any strain or unnatural pressure. If your stance leads you to bump knees in a turn, so be it. What works for you won't work for someone else and vice versa. I had a guy tell me early on that my stance needed to be 20.5" wide, 65/60 angles with a flat front binding and only cant in the rear. This was how he rode and he was actually a very, very good rider. So I did that and even though I never touched knees, I rode like ****. Then I listened to BeckmannAG and spent a few hours setting up my bindings and boots in my living room and hit it like a rockstar the next day, and as a result of setting up the gear to work with my geometry, my knees touch. Don't do what someone tells you to do. Do what your body tells you to do. If knees together works for you, do that. If throwing a hand up mid turn like you're waving at the hotties on the lift works for you, do that as well. There are rights and wrongs, but "right" is open to much interpretation.

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