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2001 Avalanche Classic 157 Wide 100obo

Guest DSadamoto

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Guest DSadamoto

2001 Avalanche classic 157cm wide board used 2 seasons for a total of 6 full days on the mountain. This board would make an excellent first board and is good for beginners up to intermediates. This board has a sintered base with a full wrap edge, and cap construction. This is also a wide board meant for people with size 10.5 or larger feet. I’ve used this board with size 13 boots with minimal overhang.

Board is in good condition with the exception of one small gouge smaller then the size of a quarter and not all the way though the ptex. Any snowboard shop should be able to repair this. It can also be repaired at home using ptex candles. Top sheet has some cosmetic damage but nothing too bad as you can see in the picture. I live in the LA area near the 60/605 if you want to pick up and save on shipping. I'll put a fresh coat of wax on when sold.


Email me at Sad_DS@hotmail.com


top pic

bottom pic



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Dude, I think you will have a tough time selling this particular board on this particular forum. Granted, lots of people here ride softies now and again, but this board is just too short and too wide to be very interesting.

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