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Realistic drive time, Mammoth to LA?


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I'm trying to arrange my return flight from LA on a Sunday. Basically, I have two choices for departure times - 12:25PM or the redeye at 7:00PM.

What time would I have to leave Mammoth on a Sunday morning to make a 12:25 flight at LAX?

If I decide on the redeye, how bad is the Sunday afternoon traffic out of Mammoth?



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give yourself AT LEAST 6 hours, especially depending on the weather

its not traffic OUT of mammoth thats a huge issue, its traffic INTO los angeles. On a sunday it shouldnt be a huge problem, but you never know in LA.

If I had a 7oclock flight out of LA Id leave at 12 to get there.

with the weather how it is right now, though...I wouldnt even make the drive!

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Usually 5 hours driving time is a save bet from MM to LAX on a Sunday afternoon.

BUT, last Sat/Sun the 395 was entirely closed and nobody could get in and out of Mammoth for a while.

The 395 between MM and Bishop is the crucial part at these times…

Just make sure you are not trying to leave while a major winter storm is in effect.

Check for “Severe Weather Alert” and call Cal Trans (800 427 7623) to check the road status…

You might want to consider the 7PM flight. That gives you more peace while traveling... my opinion.

Good luck!


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Holiday Storm Boosts Tahoe Conditions and Visitors

Tahoe City, CA (Tuesday, January 4, 2005) - Lake Tahoe rang in the New Year with a barrage of holiday storms and up to nine feet of fresh snow at area ski resorts. With nothing but snow forecasted for the rest of the week, the general consensus from ski resorts is that the Lake Tahoe area is currently experiencing some of the best snow in the world.

Diamond Peak, Homewood Mountain Resort, Northstar-at-Tahoe and Squaw Valley USA, have each received more than eight feet of snow in the last week. Alpine Meadows and Sugar Bowl Ski Resort have seven-and-a-half feet of new snow and Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe has up to nine feet.

"Tahoe has the conditions that winter enthusiasts dream of," Rachael Woods, spokesperson from Alpine Meadows, said. "I would expect the Lake Tahoe region to see an increase in attendance in the coming weeks as well as months due to our deep snow pack and snow quality."

Conditions throughout the Tahoe Basin are open powder and machine groomed, packed powder. Most resorts are now fully open. Summit snow-depth bases are as follows: Alpine Meadows 12-feet, Diamond Peak eight-feet, Homewood 16-feet, Mt. Rose nine-feet, Northstar 10 feet, Squaw 13-feet and Sugar Bowl nine feet.

"The recent snowfall has been phenomenal," Andy Chapman, tourism director for the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association, said. "Travelers to North Tahoe will be treated to extraordinary conditions and with more of it to come it ensures a plentiful season for visitors and area businesses alike."

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe's official grand opening for The Chutes is this Saturday, January 8. The Chutes opened last month for experienced skiers. First-time skiers and snowboarders can hit the slopes at Diamond Peak's Learn to Ski and Ride Weekend January 22 and 23, when a lift, lesson and rental package will be available for $20. Alpine Meadows recently finished up interior upgrades to its 1961 base lodge. The lodge upgrade is part of a multi-phase effort to upgrade both on and off-mountain facilities through 2005.

Skiers and snowboarders can select from seven downhill and five cross country resorts while saving money with the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association's Ski Tahoe North interchangeable lift ticket. Two-day interchangeable tickets cost $55 per day and three-or-more-day tickets cost $52 per day. The tickets are valid all season long with no black out dates. Participating resorts include Alpine Meadows, Diamond Peak, Homewood, Mt. Rose, Northstar, Squaw and Sugar Bowl. The pass is also valid at cross-country ski resorts Northstar, Royal Gorge, Resort at Squaw Creek Cross Country, Tahoe Donner and Tahoe City Cross Country.

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I'll be there 21-23, hopefully on my Madd.

I was just there for the crazy nye weekend, and actually the drive wasnt bad with a 4x4 vehicle. The only place I had problems were after Bishop for the last 30 miles. CHP was enforcing strict chain controls so it was slow going. The total trip took 6.5 hrs, but that was with lunch, gas and shopping stops. So even in inclement weather it should not be bad at all.

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Nekdut and others:

Any advice on cheap lodging? I booked Motel 6 as a backup. I tried to call Ullr but phone just rang and rang. My concern with Ullr is security. I want to make sure the rooms themselves are secure since I've had trouble in ski dorms in the past with break-in and theft.

Would love to hear some local advice on where to ride and what runs to avoid. I have to stay away from bumps and super steeps. I'm still an intermediate carver. Love the wide groomers.

I thought the Madd was an East Coast, ice board. What's it doing out West? If you want, I can take it back with me so that it is in it's natural environment.

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The Six isnt a bad choice for low cost lodging. Condos and hotels are quite expensive in Mammoth Lakes so the Six is a decent alternative.

As far as runs, Chair 2 Stump Alley is a great place to start. Very wide and a good pitch. Move to the back of chair 3 when the crowds arrive. There are a bunch of great runs, Bridges by chair 15, the non-park side of Roller Coaster, most of the runs by chairs 13/14.

Avoid the top if you dont want the steeps and bumps. Cornice bowl is a good groomed steep if you want to try that though. Most of the rest are ungroomed and bumpy. Avoid chair 9 unless its a powder day (if so head there first and foremost :D). Avoid the Acts, most of Lincoln Mtn, and chair 5 as most of the runs there are bumps or ungroomed.

The Madd does just fine at Mammoth thank you very much. You can give it a try if you'd like though =). Let me know.

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Originally posted by nekdut

Avoid the Acts, most of Lincoln Mtn, and chair 5 as most of the runs there are bumps or ungroomed.

no way, man! the back of lincoln off 22...straight ahead then left...those are some sick carving runs! a tad steep for most of us, but once one is comfy there you can haul ass!

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If the wind is blowing at all, go straight for the top, Chair 23 and hit the paranoids plus scotties, for some (I learned a new word off this forum) "WINDPACK"....

buffed smooth by the wind blowing up the slope, you can lay down hard carved turns all day.

There might be a few bumps on the way, but if you wanted it super smooth and flat, you might as well be on Chair 2 or 3 with the crowds.

The windpack is the single best part of riding mammoth ;-)

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Great tips guys. I can handle a few bumps. I just want to stay out of mogul fields. I'll be bringing a Prior 174 4WD.

I know exactly what you mean about windpack. I had the best run of my entire life at Mt. Tremblant on an empty mountain where the wind was howling up the south face the entire night. It was heaven.

If anyone wants to meet up, send me your email addresses and I'll send you my co-ordinates. It would be great to ride with some locals. Just don't send the newbie off a cliff, okay?


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