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Wanted: inexpensive women's alpine board

Mike T

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I'm looking for a suitable alpine board for my wife to use as a rock board.

Need a waist width suitable for size 23 MP feet and roughly 45 degree angles; something that will be softish at 130 pounds; and not too expensive - she has a Coiler but doesn't want to take it out on thin cover.


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Hey Mike, are you interested in my Nidecker Next Step?

The stated length is 159 cm, and tip/waist/tail by my measure are 27/21.5/27.

I got it new and put maybe 4 hours of riding on it - it's just too flexible for me to have much fun with. There are a couple of scratches in the base, but nothing deep, and the topsheet and edges are pretty clean.

I'd want around $40 for it, I guess (I got a pretty good deal on it), or I'd consider bartering (and throwing in a few more $) if you have any toys you're thinking about parting with.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll post or send you a photo. You're welcome to swing by my place in PDX, or I'll be on the mountain Wednesday (hopefully) and probably one day this weekend as well, if you want to meet up there and take a look.

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I have an older Rossi Throttle (red topsheet) 159 in really good shape. Base is in awsome shape It's way to small for me (I shouldn't have bought it). It hasn't been ridden in at least 5 or 6 years $75.00 Canadian plus shipping. I can forward you some photos if your interested. I have some Emery bindings in great shape for $100.00 Canadian total if you need those too. Great early season/rock board for a smaller rider. Let me know.



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I've a Burton FP 157, 18cm waist width, 9.57 M SR.

Don't exactly remember the model year, but it's the one with the red topsheet.

<img src="http://tinypic.com/uvtw5"> <img src="http://tinypic.com/uvtwy">

It has been well taken care of, and has seen a few seasons of use. Base is in great shape, edges are too, but have seen a few tunes. It'd make a great, high-performance rocker.

You're welcome to it for $75 plus shipping.



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A few people are getting me waist widths this weekend, I'll make a decision next week.

Now I remember why I wound up just buying her that Coiler in the first place. Only *one* of the boartds posted here is really narrow enough for my wife, and that's the 157 FP which I suspect will be one of the stiffer ones of the bunch... she alreday has a Coiler that's moderately stiff (for her weight) so I am looking for a noodle for her to use as a rock board (at her request).


If you have any recommendations for me in choosing, let's hear 'em! (5'2", 130 pounds now, still shedding some "new mom" weight, 4 days on plates, 400 on softies, more about form than aggressiveness, looking for a rock board to complement women's FC 165, something turnier and softer)

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Guest SnoboardAN

Hey, it sounds like you've had a lot of offers but if you haven't chosen a board for your wife yet, I have a Burton factory prime 151. It's all black, from a couple of years ago (the last year that Burton made race boards. Its running length is 131 with a waist width of 19 and sidecut radies 7.96. Is used it for one season as a slalom board. Let me know if you are in interested!


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