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Originally posted by bobdea

just drive the extra couple hours to steamboat and ride in the trees

if you have to be at winter park MJ is where its at

I haven't been to WP since before I started carving, but from what I remember it would be a blast on an alpine deck - lots of big wide groomers, and a very nice variety if picthes to boot :confused:

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<B>At the Beav:</B> Centennial, Harrier, Larkspur Bowl, Pitchfork are all good cruisers. Cresta on Arrowhead has been good as well, but a somewhat harder surface. Catch Cataract when it's groomed: it's some of the best steep groomed in this part of Colorado.

I've been at the Beav through the holidays. Until the recent snows, the surface has been HARDpack (formica-hard). With rocks. The surface is now packed powder, but there is still the occasional scratchy spot on the steep bits of the well-traveled trails. It's snowing now at the Beav (1/4 8:30am) and more is forecast through the next few days--so the conditions will continue to improve.

The past few days, we've been heading to Vail for better snow (there are still untracked stashes if you don't mind short hikes).

<img src="http://tinypic.com/160xhf">

Give a shout if I can be any more helpful with recommendations for Vail/BC (tho' you usually can't go wrong here).



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