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Need FP 135


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Bubba....it's been awhile since I was there, but Steve Jr. at the White Wolf used to have a blue FP 135. I also know of a kid on our team that bought one and never used it (she wins nationals in freestyle every year but just hasn't jumped into alpine). I'll send her dad an email.


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I think the 149's will be too long. I need the board for an 8 y.o. who rides a 129 freestyle. Any idea if a 20cm jump in board length is ok for someone his age? We do GS in our league and I think this kid would rip if he got on a race board.


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we may have to ask the collective brain trust here about that. My 9 year old son currently rides a FP135, but is going to try one of the 149's I bought this season. We haven't had a chance to get out yet, so I can't say from experience what it will be like. I think it will depend on how much your little guy weighs and how aggressive he'll ride? Anybody help us out with this?



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