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Here in Southern California, they just banned downhill bikes from the premier downhill area, Snow Summit Ski/Bike Resort. It seems that the downhillers were creating there own trails over the mtn. These trails were not authorized nor approved by the ski area or by the boys at the Forest Service. There is also a lawsuit pending against the resort for some injuries that someone incurred while riding downhill at the resort.

With these two factors, Snow Summit said "No more downhill riding at the resort" That means no NORBA races, no freeriding, the rule states if your bike weighs more than 40 lbs it is considered a downhill bike.

A few irresponsible people totally screwed it up for the rest of the DH community.

Now, only cross country bikes will be allowed to use the trails on the mtn. Your bike,which is very nice by the way, would be prohibited from using at Snow Summit, unless you pedaled it up from the bottom via the fireroads. YOu wanna do that???

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Nice Demo 9. I am still on a Big Hit DH - can't afford the '9. You guys can check out my website - it is old and has not been updated for a long time. I am part of a club called YAFRO - York Area FreeRide Organization here in York, PA. Most of the guys race DH, DS, and MtnX. I just freeride. I used to race, but I did not find it as fun as FR. Anyway, I am glad to see there are crossovers on this site.


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