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WTB: Hard boots, size 29


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Hi guys,

I'm looking for hard boots size 29. My current ones are Burton Reactor are size 28, and it turned out that since I started running, my foot grew up a little :D , as well as my calf. SO now, I need to get a little bigger boots.

You could contact me via my e-mail, or thru the forum.

Happy New Year!

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Well, when I step on the floor and measure my foot, it's a little over 28 cm. On the other hand, my running shoes are size 11 US, 29 cm and feel great.

My current Burton Reactors, are 28.8 (27-28.5) shell and the insole says 29, but my toe is touching the front of the insole. What is the recommendation than..... :confused:

Any input will be veeeery much appreciated :)

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D-Sub, That actually has been in my mind for the past day. When I took the insole out and stepped in the shell and bend my knee, there is about 1-1.5 cm free behind my heel. My conclusion from that is that the shell itself is the right size and I need to work on the insole. I'll try to either expand my insole or find another one slightly bigger. I am just wondering if an insole fro a ski boot is going to be OK :confused: .

Anyway, I'm very happy to have found this forum. A lot of veeeery useful info and helpful people here!

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Your absolutely right. I meant the liner. Yes, the liner feels a little too tight at the toes. I just brought the shels and liners to the store where hopefully they'll expand the liners. The only thing I am a little suspicious is that the said, they could expand the shells as well :confused: , which is probably possible in width, but deffinitely not lenght. If nothing works, I am still on the market for new boots or at least new Burton insoles.

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