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Anyone Carve at Welch Village, MN


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hey gumby,

first of all, come to buck tomorrow (sat) from 9am - noon! there will be a bunch of carvers out. the whole gates / racing thing is very informal. we're just out having a good time. bring your wife too!

i'm planning on being at welch on monday, jan. 3rd from 10am until 4 pm (for some reason our company has that day off instead of the 31st).

there are a few of us that will be there on sunday mornings. probably on the 9th.

otherwise, if you don't mind a smaller hill, check buck on sunday mornings. there's usually a few of us out.


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Let me know a day or two ahead of time and I could probably make it there. Most of my afternoons are free. There is also a board instructor there who rides plates. Can't remember his name but the ski school should know who you are talking about if you were to ask.

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I will plan on going Monday!! I wanted to get a couple days in this weekend so that will be awesome. I will probably be there around 10 am, let me know if you guys are coming and what time so we can hook up.


P.S. If anyone else is fortunate enough to have Monday off, Come on down we will rut that place up ;P.

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