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TD1 Bails Deformed?


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Sunday afternoon I rode my all-mountain board with Raichle 123's and an older pair of TD1's in poor snow conditions. Before I could get down the mountain, I popped out of my bindings several times at slow speeds. This, after having stopped and changed my toe and heel bails (mid-run) to correct the problem. I tightened the bail lifts enough that it was difficult to close the toe bail with one hand. I also had both toe bails leashed to my boots. Needless to say, I was very nervous trying to get back to the lodge without disfiguring my legs.

This was the first time I've used these Raichles in these bindings. In the past, I've worn Nordica SBH's with this binding. I've had to modify (per Bomber's instructions) the SBH's to fit the TD's in the toe bail of the binding. Could the width of the SBH's deformed the bail that much? My suspicion is that the SBH's have widened the bail stems and now allow the Raichle boot too much play in between the stems. And no, I haven't modified the bails with wider shoulder bolts from BOL, though I do have them.

Anyone else had this happen to them when using different boots?

I've also been riding a new pair of TD2's and I don't want to put SBH's in them if this is what's going to happen when I wear Raichle's again.

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