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We will have a full fleet of demos at the event that you can try. Bomber usually has some entry level boards as well. If things work out as they should, there will likely be some entry level prototypes from us too. We have plans to introduce an entry level line in the next few months.

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Originally posted by Mark.Andersen

Hey Sean, will the new entry level carving line just be softer?

Would you take a trade-in of my 171FCII? :D It's still kicking my a$$ three years later!!!

Glad to know I'm not the only one who finds the FC series tricky! I've loved every other Donek I have ridden... a host of freeride boards, Axis 172, CMC 186 GS... I just can't figure out the FC 163 and 171 though. They just feel very stiff underfoot to me. I loved the 163 as a beginner because I could just hang on and go along for the ride and it held an edge, but I hit a point where I had trouble working thr board without landing on my face... and the 171 which I've demoed twice is equally tricky to me, just feels very stiff between my feet. Like I said, my trust Axis 172 feels very friendly to me, as did a 186 GS demo that I rode last spring! Go figure!

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