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8 inch rule


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I'm happy to announce I'm moving and I'm saving about 20 min. drivetime to the mountain! yah!

Mt. Hood's snowpack is a little thin now, but the weather has got to turn around soon. Typically my days to go are Fri. and Sun.

I've set in place an 8 inch rule before I'll call in to skip work. I applied for a sales position and if that happens I'll drop a couple inches off the rule. Do you guys find you have to set up these selfish standards too? Hey, I'm just trying to get in some pow turns when I can. My boss is kind of on to me, since he watches the weather fairly closely.

I just updated my video library with TB 3,4,5-6 on DVD. they don't make'em like that anymore, do they?

Season Greetings - Best of Turns To You

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when I was in Hawaii my boss would actually call me to say that we weren't working (or at least until the afternoon) because the surf is over 8 feet...FYI I am in the Navy. I'd usually meet him at Ricebowl...in town (Honolulu) anything over 6 feet was considered a holiday as opposed to country (North Shore) where the surf has to be over 20 feet before people even consider a day off

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