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WTB: 163+ all mtn rock board


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I'm trying to track down a 163cm or larger twin tip snowboard for my cousin and I to beat the hell out of kiteboarding in a frozen field. Obviously, I'm not overly concerned with quality or condition, as long as its still rideable and its cheap. I could also use some step in bindings (ie. clicker, switch, flow...) I know this is probably a long shot since its not alpine gear, but maybe some one has some old stuff collecting dust in their closet that they could stand to part with. Thanks.

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I've a Burton Canyon 168 in very good rock board shape (includes fresh professional base grind and tune) that might work The extra surface area will provide some extra floatation in the deep stuff, lessening resistance for your kite. You're welcome to it for $50 + shipping

If you have big feet, I also have a pair of size 12 Burton Driver SI (in very good shape, clean and fresh) and as-new Step-In CFX bindings (used once) which might work for you. You can get on the entire setup for $125 + shipping.

<img src="http://tinypic.com/zva7n">

If you prefer, I also have a vintage Burton 'Twisted' Asym Air 64 (reg) soon-to-be-rocker. The topsheet, base, and edges are in very good shape, but there is a slight compression between the bindings on the heel edge. The compression did not damage the base of edge, and it should work very well for kiting and rocking. You can have it for $50 plus shipping.

<img src="http://tinypic.com/zvads">

They're not true twin tips, but can be center mounted if you are looking for forward/switch versatility. (I wonder that a directional board might work at least as well (tho' not for switch moves) to deliver extral floation for the tip in the deep stuff).

Hope the snow is great where you are,


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the canyon is a freeride board, isnt it? you dont happen to have any pics do you? definitely interested, will have to talk to my cousin and get back to you.

the cfx bindings are regular strap ins, right? because you really need step ins to try kiteboarding since you have to keep control of the kite while you buckle in. thanks anyway though

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