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Wtb Conshox System For My F2


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Originally posted by Chris Houghton

Just my opinion, but I tried Conshox on a silberpfeil, it was a waste of time and money. Stiffened the board up far too much. Better to sell the board and get a stiffer (custom) board that better suits what you need.

Shred, chime in if you think I'm wrong.

Thanks very much for the advice, will take it ery strongly into

consideration, have the same board

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Guest Tiptoptune

I agree a plate can make board too stiif. I used one on the silberfeil and did not like, but I did not care for the board alone. I also used one on the Speedster RS 176 and a tinkler plate on a F2 196 and liked both alot. The key I think is too use on a soft board to begin with.

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I've got an '04 Silberpfiel and put a Conshox on it I bought from CJ4 here on Bomber and I love it! I think it made a great board even better, it took my carving to the next level. IMHO the F2 is one of if not the best board I've ridden yet. (previous boards include Sims Burner's 162 & 178, Rossi Accelorator 171, WD World cup 158) Give it a try before you dismiss it alltogether,

Good carving,


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