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Cracked Raichle 325 Heel


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Hey Everyone:

I was getting psyched about getting out riding soon and was checking out my equipment only to find the the heel in my rear boot, where the bail is in contact is completely cracked.

The crack runs from the outside edge of the heel to almost halfway around the heel. Has anyone else experienced this problem?? Is there anyway to repair it??

Also what is the chance that someone out there has an old set of Raichle 325's in a 26.5 Mondo that wants to sell me their shells. I have thermo liners, so only need the shells.

I have a new Madd hopefully arriving this week and wanted to ride it - now this.

I am willing to take almost any Raichle shell in a 26.5 Mondo.

A note to everyone, check your shells for I am glad I found this in my basement and not when cranking a turn at speed.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Merry Christmas


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sorry bro, never worn em. I like they way they look tho...seem sturdy, and BUCKLES vs straps!

the 325 is...stiff? medium stiff? The Stratos and LTD are the ones on sale at SG...both priced quite well, not quite so stiff tho.

heck...deeluxe are on sale there too


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