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coldest weather


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I went out yesterday for a little bit, and the windchill was around -25, so of course I had to make lots of stops inside, but I wondered what the coldest some of you guys have ridden in. And whats the average temp you guys ride in. I'd say mine is about 15 above.

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-20F at Whistler several years ago. I was on the chair with a Japanese couple and the guy had frostbite on his cheek the size of a quarter. I tried several times to tell him to go inside but he just smiled, laughed and declined. I must say the snow was great for carving but a little hard on the base.....

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Guest dragon fly jones


Getting there... Flew to Albany where is was 2 degrees and RAINING.

Got to Flaccid and....

The Race was gnarly, it was 20 below then the wind picked up and blew down the finish area hour ot hour and half delay, standing outside then had to ride back to Albany in a van with a busted window, I never got out of my gear that day until we got back to the hotel. 45 minute shower and I was still freezing.

I think Phil was there for that one, ask him his thoughts. Oh the kicker on that one? I crashed out of the race second run.

Right now out the window says 5 below it was 10 or so today in Denver, tomorrow it will be 48. What a swing.

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I rode Stowe years back with a -15/-20 temps and 40-60mph winds...these conditions continued for 3 days...the rule was NO exposed skin...conditions were epic though (2-3 feet of fresh dry snow) so we would take a run then warm up then take a run...I think I did 10-12 runs a day in all in all there were maybe 100 of us and we got to be very close.

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Originally posted by www.oldsnowboards.com

Mirror, brrrr, close the door would you!!!

Those are the gauges on a 330ci convertible. We actually ended up taking hairdryers and heating up the hinges on the roof so we could put it down, and then we cruised around Manchester, VT for 30min or so with all of our gear on and the top down.

The looks we got were priceless.

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Yes, remove all wax with a cleaner solvent , smooth surface.

No wax is the best option from my experience is super cold conditions. Any wax pales in comparison to the sharp crystals of bitter cold fresh pow. I am guessing there is likely some synthetic materials that would enhance sliding. Someone here on BOL will know doubt know what it is.

Keeping in mind the snowboard doesn't care about the wind.

Wind Chill temperature is a "effective temperature" on flesh and is a relationship to the moisture I believe. Your car, snowboard, wax etc. doesn't see it.


WIND CHILL is the cooling effect of wind on exposed skin.

The formula to computer Wind Chill:

Wind chill temperature = 35.74 + 0.6215T - 35.75V (**0.16) + 0.4275TV(**0.16)

Where V is in the wind speed in statute miles per hour

T is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.Handy Wind Chill Calculator/ Graph/ Newest Version by NOAA

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