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22nd street, where my first Stick, a Velzy Balsa Pig 8' 2" was burned in a fire pit in 1959, while I went to get some food at Blackies...it was 3 years old, had a Pink/White abstract pigment job on the bottom that was so ugly, the elders deemed it Pit material...did allow me to get a new Joe Quigg 9' foam turned down rails turning machine that allowed some fine climb and drop back then...🌍 🏄‍♂️ 😀



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...and now for something completely different. Saw this at the Banff Mt film fest in Duluth tonight. Yooper Dan, the surfer man, the guy's a hoot, and crazy. I love it. @MNSurfer , you know this guy?

Think I'd rather surf the slopes in the Huron Mts in the far distance in the cover shot.


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