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TD2 step-ins for sale with options


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TD2 step-ins for sale with options


Bought new from Bomber a few years ago. No problems (duh, they’re Bomber!), I just prefer the TD3s as they’re easier to swap between boards. There are some scratches from the screws in my UPZ toe pieces on the toe block and from the steel FinTec pins where they contacted the side while riding with one foot out (lift exits).

Option 1: As originally delivered. Aluminum TD2 heel receiver, TD2 center disk and E-rings. $175 + shipping.

Option 2: Same as Option 1, but with TD3 steel heel receiver instead of the TD2 heel receiver. You want this if you’re using the FinTec heels. $195 + shipping.

Option 3: Same as Option 1, but with TD3 center disk and E-rings instead of the thinner TD2 stuff for more shock absorption. $205 + shipping.

Option 4: Almost a TD3 - TD3 steel heel receiver, TD3 center disk and E-rings, the rest of the parts are TD2. $220 + shipping.

Want all the parts for some reason? We can work something out. The parts left over will also be for sale once the bindings are sold.

All E-rings are the soft (yellow) variety. All options have the choice of 3&3, 3&6, or 6&6-degree cant rings and includes all hardware needed to bolt these onto your board and go. Note that there’s only one set of bindings for sale, but you can change the parts you get with them. The toe blocks are reversed for the uber-short UPZ boots, I can change them back if you’d like before shipment.

Shipping will be from R3M 1E9, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Or I can drop them off at SES if you’d prefer - payment would have to be made in advance.

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