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Wanna split a pair of fin-tec heels?


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I wanna convert my rear TD2 to step in and leave the front standard.

I ride goofy, so I only need a left heel. They are sold in pairs for $130.


Unless someone has a used one they are willing to part with.

Can a fin-tec heel can be converted for either foot? My old in-tecs were convertable if you took them apart. May not be an issue if you ride regular.

A new TD2 step in retro kit for one plate costs $75, anyone have used one they are willing to part with?

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The heel assemblies are essentially interchangeable. But you have to go inside and flip the parts around. They use the same parts (great design), but get flopped over so they work to the outside of your L and R heels. So you have two ways to go on this.

Sell the second heel assembly and just have one. then if you break anything you'll have to wait for replacement parts to get shipped to you.

b. keep the second one and set it up for your rear foot also. then you have two heel assemblies for your rear foot and if you ever break anything you can put the replacement in while you get parts for the busted one.

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