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Loading the nose = binding adjustment?


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Finally got to take out my SG Speed. It is a 178 with 13.3m sidecut. Much bigger than anthing I've had in the past. After about 5 runs was able to figure out that if I put a lot of weight over the nose for turn initiation that it would rail. I have to really put my weight forward or it would skid out. I have it centered on the stance with 19.5" between bindings. Should I try moving the bindings forward slightly an equal distance to help load the nose more without having to lean into it as much? I tried it in the morning when it was total hardpack and in the afternoon when stuff softened up a good bit. Same results. This board is FUN. Really smoothed out the afternoon chop. I could make the board turn pretty tight once I got on steeper runs and got it going. Really glad I got it.

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On a new to me board I usually start centered on the inserts and just move forward (or back) to the extent of the mount screw slots and ride that & see how it feels before jumping to the next set of inserts.

Always take a run or 2 to evaluate before adjusting again. Sometimes as little as moving 1 binding to the end of the center disc slot can find the sweet spot.

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Personally I never, ever move the bindings forward or aft of the marked (reference) centre of the board. Which may be back of centre already of course especially for powder boards.

What I'd tweak would be your toe/heel lifts and also the lean of the boots. I have no evidence that shifting your centre is bad, but it doesn't seem necessary.

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