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Looking for BX gear


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I'm looking for almost any lightly used boardercross/BX boards. I'm 6'2" and 180lb/80kg. Budget is flexible. I'm also in the market for some stiff bindings to match.

I want to stick with soft boots, so unfortunately I think the narrow-waisted all mountain carvers are not going to work for me.

My location is the northeast USA.


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sfleck: Looks good - let me see what else is up for offer before I get back to you.

BlueB: Thanks for the tip, I'll send an email.

teach: What sort of condition is it in, what year is it from, and how much are you asking? I'd like to see pictures as well, just in case utahdeafcarver doesn't want it.

Thanks all.

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Sorry, thought I posted photos here. Here are two. I don't know the year. I bought it last spring from BlueB. Base has just a few light scratches. It's a very fast base... you can tell just by getting off the lift. Edges are thick, some minor rock rash in spots. Some discolored spots. Topsheet has chips where it meets sidewall. I think I paid $300 + shipping and was hoping to get about that. It's had very little use since I bought it. Maybe 3 full days?

EDIT: about 9.5 m sidecut radius, pretty happy with speed.



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