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Super Giant Slalom?

Puddy Tat

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So here is a question. Why isn't there a Super G snowboarding event.

While sitting in the lodge at Nakiska the other day during lunch I was watching Super-G ski racing. Why is snowboard relegated to the parallel slalom modes.

Personally I don't find that parallel events (skiing or snowboarding) are all that interesting to watch on TV. Which is probably why there is little if any coverage of them. A Super-G style event similar to the skiing course with some banked turns and high speed long airs would be much more interesting to watch. Why doesn't this exist anymore and why was it dropped in the first place?


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I have no answer other than I think it scares the crap out of most people.

I have done about 25 or so from my racing days. Sure is fun. Nothing I did was snowboard only. I would just show up at some of the club races with my USSA card and they would let me race. We also have some races here that you don't know a card for, the Lane Parrish Memorial for one. That was a bump contest one day and a top of mtn to bottom Super G the next. What a hoot.

Won the Super G a couple times and the overall once, and there would be at least a good couple of handfuls of snowboarders in that one.

They have since moved the start 1/3 of the way down the hill. Still fun, but not the same.

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Skiing super G isn't spectator friendly either. But on TV wow it's awesome! Cameras can be placed in positions and catch viewing angles that spectators can't.

If that's true about the FIS position. Then they need to get their heads surgically removed from thier ...<COUGH>. The audience is so much bigger than just the people on the hill or even the people who could view it live on TV. For the type of freestyle, slopestyle, or alpine events that occur in snowboarding and skiing I don't think I'd ever go to a hill to view the actual event. I'll exclude freestyle ski aerials from this because the action happens in a locallized location. But even that is better viewed and appreciated in a slo-mo instant replay due to the complexity of motion involved.

You really get a feel for the ridiculous level of difficultly of Shawn White's Tomahawk at the X-Games when they replay it in "Mega-Mo". Or the concentration involved in alpine skiing super-g events in slo-mo.


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