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dumb overlap liner questions


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Ok I need your help,

1) Do thermo overlap liners always overlap with the larger shin flap pointing out (away from the other foot)? i.e. on the right foot do you wrap it in a clockwise fashion?

2) Are themo liners Left / Right interchangable prior to moulding (except for that overlap question).

3) Do you guys use those stick-on "C" ankle wrap pads like Tognar sells on the outside of your liners? If so, can these be cooked with the liner, or must they be removed prior to cooking?

Thanks! The above questions (1-2) may point to a grievious error I've made with my Raichle liners (old style, grey)! :rolleyes:

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its my new best mate on Bomber (the OP sold me some trench digger 3s, arrived in pristine condition, man I am so happy right now :-)....

Regarding the liners, you would be best to bake them without any additional padding attached, as the concept of the moulding is to get them to fill as much of the voids around your foot as possible. That said, if you are like me with thin ankles but relatively large bones, then you will end up attaching the C shims anyhow as the boots pack out. By cooking them with the shims already attached, the liner is moulding excluding that volume already; however it's not all bad as the shim is probably a more dense foam and thus won't pack out as much.

I can imagine there is some slight benefit to having the tongue wrapping clockwise on the right foot, simply as you will tend to pull you right leg towards the inside of the boot more than the outside; and also because you ideally don't want a seam sitting over the top of your arch of your foot (the top of your instep) because there are a bunch of nerves that run over this area, so any seam or roughness will tend to pressure your foot and that's partly what causes your feet to feel damn cold as well as sore.

All this said, if it works I can't see any logical reason why you couldn't run stuff back to front if the end result is you are comfortable....but if it isn't fitting so well then perhaps best to reset them.

The shop that sells tents and other american outdoors bullS*(t products like BBQs in summer in reno or that place in Squaw or of course footworks>? in mammoth all would do a good job to sort you out.

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All Thermo liner we have sold always fold towards the inside. In otherwords the flaps "end" facing each other. Or on you right foot, folds CCW.

Thanks Fin,

I guess it was only paranoia on my part after all.

I suppose I'll have to remould the offending liner and not switch them L to R , thank goodness. :o

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