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Oxygen Proton SL 149 and GS 185


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This blue and silver 2007-2008 Oxygen Proton, is a GS 185 raceboard. Oxygen, an Atomic product. Nearly identical construction as F2, including Titanal torsion control system. Very Damp, with great edge hold. The construction is cap with tip to tail poplar & beech woodcore, 4 layers of fibreglass, carbon layer tip to tail, 4 titanal "powerwings" and graphite 7200 sintered base material. It's maneuverable enough in moguls, trees, and winding your way through gates and stiff enough that you can lay down a rail.

Specs from left to right describes: Board Model, Tip Width, Waist Width, Tail Width, Tip Height, Tail Height, Sidecut Radius, Min-Max Stance Width, Insert Setback

PROTON GS 185 cm, 23.7, 19.5, 23.7, 3.0, 0.6, 16.0, 43-59, 2.0

The SL board is green, black, gold--it has minimal to zero scratches and a clean base since ridden only 2-3 times, but I see a mousebite at the top left nose @ 11 o'clock, not affecting performance but needs epoxy touch.

PROTON SL 149 cm, 24.4, 19.5, 24.4, 3.7, 0.6, 8.5, 36-52, 1.5

$150 each<!-- End Description -->


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Hey there,

Dibs on both boards. Very interested in both boards, one for me one for my wife. How does the smaller one fit a good softboot carving girl that learned on hardboots and hard bidings in the 90's but had to deal with softboots for years and want to go back to carving? She is 5.7 and 120lbs.

Could use one set of if possible step in bindings, dont have have any by chance you can throw in there?

How good a fit is the large one for me...been on a 178 Santa Cruz for years that got soft had to ride an old 168 Burton Alp that is way too soft....? Or how well does it do relative to its lenght in tighter turns on crowded CA groomers or in powder or off piste? Has anybody that bought them dirt cheap new on ebay around 2008 have had any durability issues?

Feedback from anybody is welcome.

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ain't no Coiler but I found mine to be a relatively damp ride that excelled on steep groomed where I could bend it into turns without a ton of speed.It wants to go fast and needs either speed or steepness to turn well.I only weigh around 155-160 and I know bigger riders have less of a problem flexing this board at lower speeds.Not as easy as some my other boards of similar length to skid with.Wants to carve all the time.This is an under rated board that is well worth 150 bucks.Hope this helps.

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