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raichle T-nuts


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My Raichle 324 cant adjusters are blown and I'm locking them into place. (I had all summer to do this, but like a true procrastinator I put it off until now.) I had to drill the bolts out of the hinges, to get the adusters apart, and I still can't get the remaining bits of bolt out of the T-nuts.

So, I need new T-nuts, and to my surprise neither of the pretty-well-stocked local hardware stores had something suitable. I figured I would end up buying regular round t-nuts and trimming them a bit (if you've recently looked at the inside of a can adjuster you know what I mean), but they don't even have that. They just have woodworking T-nuts with little spikes, which might work but I'm hoping for better.

Actually I'm told they're called "slab base weld nuts." Anyhow know of a supplier for such?


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